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For Mom and Dad


Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe! is a new child transportation safety campaign from NHTSA and Ludorum, the producers of the Chuggington television series. The campaign provides you tools to help your child walk and ride more safely.

Traffic incidents continue to be a leading cause of injury and death for children. Research show the key to traffic safety is education. Understanding that young children learn best when engaged, Chuggington and NHTSA have partnered to create an interactive traffic safety campaign that delivers life-saving lessons to kids preschool-aged to 3rd grade, all hosted by the "trainees" of Chuggington, Wilson, Koko and Brewster! Lessons focus on four main areas: pedestrian, bus, bike, and car seat safety.

The program includes a fun and informative Chuggington traffic safety website, topic-specific safety tip sheets, downloadable safety activity materials and more.

Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!

In the Car
On Your Bike
While walking

Take the Safety Pledge

Activity Book

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