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Saint Patrick's Day - March 17, 2016
Drunk Driving Prevention / Enforcement Campaign Materials 

  For too many in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day has ended in tragedy due to drunk drivers getting behind the wheel. Over St. Patrick’s Day from 2009 to 2013, there were a total of 276 lives lost in drunk-driving crashes.

These marketing tools can be used to fit your needs and objectives while, at the same time, partnering with other States, communities, and organizations on this drunk driving prevention initiative. They are based on the two basic principles that:

arrow Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over (enforcement), and
arrow Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving (social norming)


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Banner Ads

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160x600 Preview | Download
300x250 Preview | Download
728x90 Preview | Download
 Generic<br>160x600 Invisible A
160x600 Invisible A
Preview | Download
 Generic<br>728x90 Invisible
728x90 Invisible
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Earned Media

2 Items
 Fact Sheet /<br>Talking Points
Fact Sheet /
Talking Points
Preview | Download
 Sample News Release
Sample News Release Preview | Download


1 Item
 Static Infographics (2016)
Static Infographics (2016) Preview | Download


2 Items
 Various Formats
Various Formats Preview | Download
 Various Formats<br>[Spanish]
Various Formats
Preview | Download


1 Item
 Drive Sober Game<br>To play, click DOWNLOAD
Drive Sober Game
To play, click DOWNLOAD
Preview | Download


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 They Will See You First
They Will See You First Preview | Download
 Luck Won't Keep You Out Of A Jam
Luck Won't Keep You Out Of A Jam Preview | Download
 Green Beer
Green Beer Preview | Download
 Female Line Dance
Female Line Dance Preview | Download
 Female Fingerprints
Female Fingerprints Preview | Download


5 Items
 'You Dont See'<br>Drive Sober<br>:30 and :60
'You Dont See'
Drive Sober
:30 and :60
Preview | Download
 'Party Rewind'<br>Drive Sober :30<br>[Spanish]
'Party Rewind'
Drive Sober :30
Preview | Download
 'Lost Everything'<br>Drive Sober :30<br>[Spanish]
'Lost Everything'
Drive Sober :30
Preview | Download
 'Want Ad'<br>Impaired Riding :30<br>[Motorcycles]
'Want Ad'
Impaired Riding :30
Preview | Download
 'Still See Me'<br>Impaired Riding :30<br>[Motorcycles]
'Still See Me'
Impaired Riding :30
Preview | Download


3 Items
 Sample Social Messages
Sample Social Messages Preview | Download
 Infographics For Facebook Use
Infographics For Facebook Use Preview | Download
 Infographics For Twitter Use
Infographics For Twitter Use Preview | Download

TV Ads

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 Invisible Cop (Drunk Couple)
Invisible Cop (Drunk Couple) Preview | Download
 Invisible Cop (Buddies)
Invisible Cop (Buddies) Preview | Download
 Invisible Cop (Co-Workers)
Invisible Cop (Co-Workers) Preview | Download
 Invisible Cop (Motorcycle Busted)
Invisible Cop (Motorcycle Busted) Preview | Download
 Drive Sober (Spanish)
Drive Sober (Spanish) Preview | Download

Web Videos

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 Drunk Driving St. Patrick's Day Revelers Busted
Drunk Driving St. Patrick's Day Revelers Busted Preview | Download
 'Trash Pickup'<br>YouTube Format<br>[embed only]
'Trash Pickup'
YouTube Format
[embed only]
Preview | Download
 'Ignition Interlock'<br>YouTube Format<br>[embed only]
'Ignition Interlock'
YouTube Format
[embed only]
Preview | Download
 'No Money'<br>YouTube Format<br>[embed only]
'No Money'
YouTube Format
[embed only]
Preview | Download
 Invisible Cop:<br>Buddies<br>WMV Format [:15 / :30]
Invisible Cop:
WMV Format [:15 / :30]
Preview | Download