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Sample State Public Service Announcements - PSA's

FOR STATE USE ONLY - What PSAs were developed that you wish to share?

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The Massachusetts Highway Safety Division (HSO) developed this 30-second PSA regarding winter car seat safety, specifically the importance of children being strapped into car seats with their winter coats off.


Audio and Video PSAs from the NY Governor's Traffic Safety Committee and partners are available here. Some selected Traffic Safety PSAs from other traffic safety agencies are also posted.

Sample video PSA:


Photo of the Austin Police Department building facing Interstate 35 (as you travel through Austin, TX) with a giant Click It or Ticket banner. Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Austin Police Department HQ


To promote NHTSA's Know For Sure Campaign, the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau, Blank Children's Hospital, and the Integer Group distributed child passenger safety messages encouraging parents ... and NHTSA Region 7 helped to ensure this statewide event reached thousands of families. Click HERE for details.


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