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Event Planning Checklist

Event planning is all about the details. Below is a three-part event-planning framework to serve as a guide as you work to execute any successful media event.

Event Logistics

  • Determine and secure event site/venue
    • Get property/site owner permission (in writing) if needed
  • Determine staging logistics:
    • Stage
    • Proper Lighting
    • Sound/Mult Box
    • Podium
    • Pipe and Drape
    • Media Table/Chairs
    • Green Room
    • Generator
    • Easel
  • Secure the needed materials:
    • Banners
    • Podium Card
    • Presentation files
    • Boards
    • Directional signage
    • Name tags
    • Tent cards
    • Plaques
    • Flags
    • Lapel Pins
    • Giveaways
  • Submit job requests for graphic, production, or other needs
  • Secure/submit a job request for a photographer to be present at the event
  • Pull together team packet including:
    • Event schedule for day-of tasks
    • Contact sheet for principal staffers/assistants
    • On-site point of contact:
    • Principal arrival times:
    • Staging time:
    • Start time:
    • Break down time:
    • Listing of onsite materials to be returned to NHTSA warehouse post-event
    • Press follow up - local and national by:

Media Materials

  • Develop/update contact list of targeted media contacts
  • Draft and send media advisory in advance of your event
  • Prepare press Sign-In Sheets
  • Prepare press kits for media attendees including relevant materials, such as:
    • Folders
    • Branded stickers for fronts of folders
    • Event agenda
    • Speaker bios
    • Research Reports
    • DVDs of b-roll, advertisements, or other footage
    • Color charts
    • Other handouts
  • Draft a press release to be sent to media post-event
  • Coordinate with Web team and communications services for posting details of documents
  • Notify the Hotline COTR of the upcoming event and provide answers to event related questions

Event Coordination

  • Deliver All Media and Event Materials to Event Site
  • Check staging and set up
  • Test audio/visual components
  • Give photographer guidance or specific assignments

Media Coordination

  • Staff media check in tables - hand out press kits & sign in media attendees
  • Coordinate any post-event interview requests
  • Coordinate with web team and communication services to post details of event


  • Day-of phone call reminders to local media and press contacts
  • Disseminate press release after event

Measurement & Reporting

  • Develop list of media clips
  • Share and re-merchandise your coverage via social media, blogs, web posts, etc.

Closing the Loop

  • Ensure onsite materials are returned to NHTSA warehouse
  • Send thank you notes to participants/speakers, venue points of contact, and other helpful individuals