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The key to successful marketing communications campaigns involves media. Knowing the differences between the various media types is necessary in order to utilize media effectively. There are three types of media: paid media, earned media, and online/social media.

Paid media is where you pay in order to leverage your brand to your audience. Paid search functions, display ads, and sponsored posts are all part of paid media.

Earned media is typically considered more credible than paid media as it is shared through a third-party organization such as a newspaper or a radio station.

Online or social media is a mix of both. A video or post going “viral” because it has been shared so many times could be considered a form of earned media. On the other hand, you can sponsor ads through channels such as Facebook or Twitter to increase your online reach, which would be paid media.

In order to maximize your outreach, knowing more about these media types will help you determine which media is best for your and your organization.

Paid Media

Earned Media

Social Media