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Communication Program Event

<State> is conducting a statewide, high-visible enforcement effort for three weeks; starting in mid-August through Labor Day.


<State> policy is to enforce .08 BAC laws.


 <State> program will provide overtime enforcement over 75% of <state>.


  • <State’s> year-long communications plan says <state> will use National core HVE message.
  • <State> will, during the program period, reach target audiences (primary and secondary) with sufficient frequency and reach to raise awareness of enforcement activities
  • <State> will, during the program period, improve the perception that motorists will be pulled over/arrested for impaired driving.


Who are we talking to?

  • <State> primary target is Men 18-34 (based on fatality and arrest data).
  • <State> secondary target is newly arrived Latinos 18-34 (based on fatality and arrest data).
  • <State> has a special emphasis on Men 21-24 in <XX> area based on data.

What do we want them to do?

  • Plan ahead and secure alternate transportation if they are going to be drinking/partying.

What do we want them to think?

  • Law enforcement is stepping up impaired driving enforcement
  • The chances of being stopped and/or arrested if you drive at a BAC of .08 or higher are greater than ever before

What obstacles stand in our way?

  • Target audience mentality that other people shouldn’t drive drunk, but the audience has the skills to do it.
  • Target audience mentality that they know the regular places law enforcement looks for drunk drivers. “I’ll avoid those roads."

What resources are available to deliver this communication?

  • <State> has $300,000 for paid media.
  • <State> has 80 staff hours for earned media generation.
  • <State> has 25 staff hours for social media.
  • <State> has 40 staff hours for evaluation.

What areas of <state> are we covering?

  • <State> is covering 3 out of 5 Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs). RATIONALE: One DMA does not have overtime enforcement. One DMA has 80% spill to another state and has a low fatality rate according to the latest data.
  • State will run 300 Gross Rating Points(GRPs) on TV and 200 (GRPs) per week in 3 DMAs.
  • This leaves the paid media budget with 17% remaining. 12% of which will be used to target our secondary audience.
  • 5% of paid media will go towards guerilla tactics towards our tertiary audience on the local college campus.
  • <State> has set aside $5,000 for a kick-off event.
  • <State> will issue press releases and sound bytes to every TV and newspaper in the targeted, geographical area.
  • <State> is providing fill-in-the-blank releases, Op-Eds and talking points to 64 partner organizations.

STEP FIVE: Evaluation

  • <State> will have 4 communications related questions on its statewide survey. The results were….
  • <State> will require its advertising/PR firm to present a post-buy analysis. <State> achieved a 95% post and added-value of 36%. The remaining 5% will be applied to the next campaign.
  • <State> will count the hits to its web site. The web had a 14% increase.
  • <State> will track earned media clips. Earned media generated 1,200 articles/viewings with an audience of 780,000.
  • <State> will track social media communications. 16 posts were made about increased enforcement, generating 320 direct comments, 12,250 shares and 8,000 tweets.