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Seat Belts Save Lives 

The intent here is to provide you with marketing materials and tools that you can use and distribute to meet your local needs and objectives in support of your occupant protection initiatives when not engaged in high visibility enforcement (HVE), and they all carry the social norming message to Buckle Up America. Every trip. Every time.

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1 Item
What's Your Seat Belt IQ? Preview | Download


2 Items
The top 5 things you should know about buckling up. Preview | Download
Pregnant Women's Guide To Buckling Up Preview | Download


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BUA Text Black Preview | Download
BUA Full Color Preview | Download
BUA Text Only Preview | Download
BUA Full White Preview | Download
BUA Text White Preview | Download


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Traffic Safety
Fact Sheets
[Seat Belt Use]
Preview | Download


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Seat Belt 11x17 Preview | Download
Seat Belt 20x30 Preview | Download


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Live-Read Script Preview | Download
'Play by Play'
2010 BUA :60
Preview | Download
'Ribs & Skull'
2010 BUA :30
Preview | Download

TV Ads

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BUA Faceplant (no blood) Preview | Download
BUA Faceplant (with blood) Preview | Download

Web Videos

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Big Monster Strikes
Various formats
Preview | Download