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Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over / Don't Drink and Ride

National Enforcement Mobilization / Labor Day Weekend
August 17 - September 5, 2016 

Alcohol affects those skills essential to riding a motorcycle - balance and coordination. So, it plays a particularly big role in motorcycle fatalities.

These are marketing materials designed to remind motorcyclists to always ride smart and sober.

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Earned Media

2 Items
 2016 Talking Points
2016 Talking Points Preview | Download
 2016 Sample Press Release
2016 Sample Press Release Preview | Download


2 Items
 Motorcycle Drunk Riding Infographic 03
Motorcycle Drunk Riding Infographic 03 Preview | Download
 Motorcycle Drunk Riding Infographic 04
Motorcycle Drunk Riding Infographic 04 Preview | Download


2 Items
 Ride Sober Or Get Pulled Over<br>[EPS Format]
Ride Sober Or Get Pulled Over
[EPS Format]
Preview | Download
 Various Formats<br>[Spanish]
Various Formats
Preview | Download


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 Ride Sober:<br>Scared Skull
Ride Sober:
Scared Skull
Preview | Download
 Ride Sober:<br>Scared Snake
Ride Sober:
Scared Snake
Preview | Download
 Ride Sober:<br>Scared Eagle
Ride Sober:
Scared Eagle
Preview | Download
 Ride Sober:<br>Beer-Filled Helmet
Ride Sober:
Beer-Filled Helmet
Preview | Download
 Drinking Slows Down Your Reaction To Curves
Drinking Slows Down Your Reaction To Curves Preview | Download


2 Items
 'Want Ad'<br>Impaired Riding :30<br>[Motorcycles]
'Want Ad'
Impaired Riding :30
Preview | Download
 'Still See Me'<br>Impaired Riding :30<br>[Motorcycles]
'Still See Me'
Impaired Riding :30
Preview | Download

TV Ads

1 Item For Reference Only. Files are not downloadable. Click on PREVIEW for ordering information.
 Invisible Cop (Motorcycle Busted)
Invisible Cop (Motorcycle Busted) Preview | Download

Web Videos

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 Invisible Cop:<br>Motorcycle Busted<br>WMV Format [:15 / :30]
Invisible Cop:
Motorcycle Busted
WMV Format [:15 / :30]
Preview | Download