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From child passenger safety to drunk driving, our NHTSA research covers a variety of topics in the highway traffic safety world. The research found here stems from focus groups held around the United States.

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April 2021

2021 Ride Sober TV Concept Assessment / Summary of Qualitative Findings

This report evaluates four TV concepts designed to increase the awareness among motorcycle riders of the law enforcement related consequences of riding their motorcycle while impaired.

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March 2020

Buzzed Driving Prevention / Tracking Survey Report

This report focuses on the core campaign audience of males 21-35, but findings for General Market adults 21+ are also reported.

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February 2019

Towards a New Campaign to Prevent Drug-Impaired Driving

In partnership with the Advertising Council and Reprise, NHTSA is developing a new social norming campaign to deter drug impaired driving amongst 18-34-year-old males.

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June 2018

NHTSA Drug Impaired Driving

Report of findings from focus froups to assess TV commercial ideas.

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March 2018

Buzzed Driving Prevention

A tracking survey report.

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October 2017

NHTSA Drug Impaired Driving

Report of findings from focus froups to assess TV commercial ideas.

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September 2017

Autonomous Vehicle Acceptance Focus Groups

This research was undertaken to better understand the best ways for NHTSA to communicate and educate consumers about the advantages and positive impact automation technology can have in saving lives.

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September 2017

NHTSA DSOGPO Topline Report

Hispanic Creative Concepts for NHTSA's National Awareness Campaign to Reduce Alcohol-Impaired Driving.

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February 2017

NHTSA Impaired Driving Segmentation Playbook

This playbook will introduce you to four at-risk driver segments identified via quantitative survey and analysis of U.S. drivers. The segments are profiled by lifestyle traits, alcohol consumption, and perceptions of drunk driving.

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October 2016

Buzzed Driving Research Debrief

NHTSA, in partnership with the Ad Council and COG, have developed advertising to support the Buzzed Driving Prevention campaign. The Blank Project, along with Informer Research and Strategy, have designed and executed a round of qualitative research to explore how the ideas are being perceived, and what - if anything, could maximize their clarity and appeal.

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August 2015

Child Passenger Safety Research General Market

The overall purpose of this research was to increase awareness about proper restraint use for children up to age 12. Creative concepts were tested in order to determine which one was most impactful and motivated respondents to seek more information.

Download 12226-childpassengerssafetyresearchgenmarket-aug2015.pdf

Download 12226-childpassengerssafetyresearchgenmarket-aug2015.pptx


June 2015

Underage Drinking and Driving Project / Creative Development Research

Six focus groups of Teen Friendship pairs were conducted in Chicago IL and Paramus NJ (3 in each city). These teens were socially active 16-18 year old teens of driving age in each city who drink alcohol at least occasionally. They attend parties with friends and are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. We were trying to learn, among other things, how do we determine which campaign/idea/execution is showing the most promise.

Download 12229-nhtsa-udd-debrief-june2015.pdf


May 2015

Texting & Driving PSA Communication Check

On behalf of The Ad Council and NHTSA, Pereira & O’Dell developed two creative approaches for texting and driving public service announcements (PSAs). The team wanted to gauge consumer reaction, receptivity, and potential for behavioral impact prior to deciding which creative approach to move forward.

Download 12228-textingdrivingpsacommunicationcheck-may2015.pdf


February 2015

2015 "Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time." Logo Treatment Market Research

NHTSA tested new logo treatment ideas to support its social norming seat belt tagline "Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time." Assessments of multiple logo treatments were made among research participants during the Click It or Ticket advertising campaign focus groups. The participants were men ages 18-34 who self-reported to be part-time or non-users of seat belts.

Download 2015-buckleuplogofocusgroupstopline.pdf


February 2015

2015 "Click It or Ticket" National TV Ad Campaign Market Research

NHTSA developed a new campaign to support the Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement effort. In developing the 2015 campaign, NHTSA conducted ten (10) focus groups total in 4 cities - Richmond, Phoenix, Houston, and Atlanta - to assess participant response on TV commercial concepts.

Download 2015-ciot-focusgroupstopline.pdf


October 2014

Speeding Campaign Exploratory Research

NHTSA is at the exploratory stage for insights and understanding that will help guide strategic planning and messaging campaign development to curb dangerous speeding behavior.

Download 2014speedcampaigncreativebrief.pdf

Download 2014speedingexploratoryfocusgroupstopline.pdf


September 2013

Preventing Underage Drinking and Driving
Strategic Exploratory: A partnership of the Ad Council, NHTSA, and Merkley & Partners

Download 12230-kudzu-udd-report-sep2013.pdf


March 2012

"Click It or Ticket" TV Commercial Concepts Topline Report

NHTSA developed a new campaign to support the Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement effort. In developing the 2012 campaign, NHTSA held four (4) focus groups in each of two (2) cities - Kansas City and Seattle - to assess participant response on TV commercial concepts.

Download march2012ciot-toplinereport.doc

Download bobbleheads.pdf

Download dingedfinal.pdf

Download fakearooney.pdf

Download itsbeginning.pdf


August 2011

"Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Drunk Driving Topline Report

NHTSA launched the new impaired driving campaign Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over to support the ongoing high visibility enforcement (HVE) efforts. In developing the campaign, NHTSA held focus groups in Oklahoma City to assess participants views on TV commercial ideas and taglines to support the new campaign.

Download march2011drunkdrivingtopline.doc

Download april2011drunkdrivingtopline.docx

Download august2011combinedmessagingtopline.doc

Download 2011oklahomacityfocusgroups.docx

Download oklahomacityfocusgroups2.docx


August 2011

"Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving" Final Report

NHTSA and the Ad Council conducted eight (8) focus groups in two (2) cities in order to gain understanding of the most contemporary and motivating messages to prevent "Buzzed" driving amongst drivers, ages 21-34. Below is the final report of why, when, and how the consumer research was conducted and what the results were based on analyses of the raw data.

Download kudzu-ac-buzzed-report-0907-lp.pdf