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Vehicle Safety

Summer and Winter Driving Tips

Seasonal changes bring opportunities to share safety information related to vehicle maintenance and reminders to drive safely for certain road conditions. and include information for drivers.  

  • Summer: Remind drivers to check fluids, air conditioning and belts in a vehicle. It can go a long way to keep travelers safe on the road during the summer months. Take the opportunity to include messaging about pediatric vehicular heatstroke, too.
  • Winter: Driving safely in winter weather takes extra precaution. Share information about snow plows, emergency supply kits and tires, and remind drivers of the importance of being prepared in case of an emergency.

Below you'll find links to seasonally themed graphics.


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Summer Driving Tips English & Spanish
Summer Driving Tips | Videos 7 Options | Various Sizes
Winter Driving Tips English & Spanish
Winter Driving Tips | Videos 7 Options | 1200x1200

Vehicle Theft Prevention


Vehicle theft can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Informing drivers of theft prevention is essential. This material includes resources to help drivers better protect their vehicles. 

Vehicle Safety Recalls

Millions of vehicles are recalled each year, so it’s essential to include vehicle safety recall information in any road safety communication plan. We have material that helps inform vehicle owners about the process of checking for safety recalls and getting a recall repair, and educates drivers about the importance of regularly checking their car for recalls.

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Advanced Technologies

Vehicle technologies hold the potential to reduce traffic crashes and save thousands of lives each year. It’s important make sure drivers understand how the technology in their vehicle works. has more information and we have created additional material that can be shared. 


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Info & Videos
Driver Assistance Technologies Info | English & Spanish
Technology Overview Video | English
Lane Keeping Assistance Video | English
Blind Spot Intervention Video | English
Rear Automatic Braking Video | English
Automatic High Beams Video | English
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Drivers should make informed decisions when buying and maintaining tires. includes resources to help consumers.

Tire Safety Week, in June, is a great opportunity to increase messaging across all platforms.

TireWise English & Spanish

Secure Your Load

Thousands of people are injured each year by road debris. Communication can help inform drivers about securing their load — preventing injuries and deaths on our roads. Consider using this material in conjunction with seasonally relevant opportunities, like around the holidays for holiday tree transport, and summer vacation for luggage transport. 

Secure Your Load Day is June 6, a good opportunity to join other safety organizations in sharing messages.


  • From 2016–2020, approximately 16,878 people were injured per year when a vehicle collided with another object while on the road. 
  • During this same time period, passenger vehicles accounted for 81% of crashes in which cargo was not properly secured. 
  • From 2016-2020, there were an average of 732 fatalities per year when a vehicle collided with another object that was not properly secured. 

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