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Vehicle Theft Prevention


Vehicle theft can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Informing drivers of theft prevention is essential. This material includes resources to help drivers better protect their vehicle. 

Many assets are available in English and Spanish. Share this information with partner organizations to help spread the message across all communities. 

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention month – a good opportunity to increase messaging.


  • Vehicle theft is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States, costing vehicle owners more than $8 billion in 2022 alone. 
  • Estimates show that approximately one motor vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds
  • In 2022, more than one million vehicles were stolen in the United States, accounting for a 25% increase in vehicle theft totals over the previous few years. 
  • Historically, passenger cars made up more than 74% of all stolen motor vehicles.


Asset Type

Seconds | English
Tips | English
Additional Protection | English
Seconds | Spanish
Tips | Spanish
Additional Protection | Spanish

Social Media

Sample social media posts are available for you to use on your various social media platforms, including Facebook, X and Instagram.

Talking Points

We've prepared talking points related to vehicle theft prevention. After downloading, we encourage you to add local stats and facts to the document. 

Earned Media

We've produced sample news releases that can be used for media outreach.

Additional Resources