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Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign



This distracted driving enforcement campaign reminds drivers of the deadly dangers and the legal consequences – including fines – of distracted driving.

In April 2024, NHTSA is launching a new tagline for this campaign. Check back for updates and new material leading up to the launch on April 1.

Key Dates for National Mobilization

  • Enforcement: April 4-8, 2024
  • Paid Media: April 1-8, 2024
  • Earned Media: February 1, 2024

Talking Points

We've prepared talking points related to this campaign. After downloading, we encourage you to add local stats and facts to the document. 

  • Coming Soon: 2024 Talking Points

Earned Media

Sample news releases and other documents can be used for media outreach.

  • Coming Soon: 2024 Material

Social Media

Sample social media posts are available for you to use on your various social media platforms, including Facebook, X and Instagram.

  • Coming Soon: 2024 Material


Asset Type

Animated | English
Dance | English
Looking Down | English
Animated | Spanish
Dance | Spanish
Looking Down | Spanish


Asset Type

Video | English
Distraction | Enforcement | Phone Personalities TV & Digital | :30 Available by Request
Video | Spanish
Distraction | Enforcement | Meme del Gato Portavoz | Spanish TV & Digital | :30 Available by Request
Audio | English
Phone Personalities :30
Audio | Spanish
Meme del Gato Portavoz | Spanish :30
Banner | English
Night Lighter | English
No Hander
Banner | Spanish
Consequences | Spanish

If a video is noted as Available by Request, it is not available for immediate download. A state may submit a request to NHTSA and the ad can be retagged with their stage logo.

Note: No one may alter, edit, or change a NHTSA TV ad or web video.

Future Dates


  • Enforcement: April 10-14, 2025
  • Paid Media: April 7-14, 2025
  • Earned Media: February 7, 2025


  • Enforcement: April 9-13, 2026
  • Paid Media: April 6-13, 2026
  • Earned Media: February 9, 2026


Campaign Research Results

Media Plans

Additional Resources