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Bicycle Safety

Bicycling is good for the environment and your health. It’s good for your wallet, too; it is an inexpensive and reliable way to get to the places you want to go. Unfortunately, bicycling can be a dangerous pastime.

In 2020, there were 938 bicyclists killed - a 9% increase from 2019 - and an estimated 38,886 injured in traffic crashes in the United States.

Bicyclists and motorists:

  • Never ride or drive distracted.
  • Always expect the unexpected.
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet when on a bicycle and a seat belt when in a vehicle.
  • Know the Rules of the Road - A bicyclist is considered a vehicle on the road with all the rights and responsibilities of motorized traffic.
  • Share the Road - Both motorist and bicyclist should look out for each other and show mutual respect.

Use these materials to get your community involved in bicycle safety, whether while riding a bike or driving a vehicle.

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