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Key Dates

  • October 25-31: Halloween Campaign
  • October 31: Halloween 

Relevant, timely and seasonal messaging can help boost traffic safety communication efforts. 

We offer themed material for Halloween that encourages people to not get behind the wheel after drinking and to plan for a safe, sober ride home.  


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Social Media

Sample social media posts are available for you to use on your various social media platforms, including Facebook, X and Instagram.

This social media playbook contains sample social media content. Download this guide for instructions on posting the below playbook graphics to Facebook, X and Instagram. The content is designed for easy posting and seamless integration into your current social media strategy.

Additional sample social media posts are also available for download. Images often help boost the engagement on social posts. Our image library, linked below in the Resource section, has a variety of images that you can associate with these sample social media posts.

Talking Points

We've prepared talking points related to this topic. After downloading, we encourage you to add local stats and facts to the document. 

Earned Media

We've produced sample news releases that can be used for media outreach.

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Asset Type

Zombie | English 1200x1200 | Facebook, X, Instagram
Zombie | English 1080x1920 | Vertical Video
Toxic | Spanish 1200x1200 | Facebook, X, Instagram
Toxic | Spanish 1080x1920 | Vertical Video

All social media platforms accept 1200x1200 graphics. If you need additional sizes send a request to

Additional Resources