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Relevant, timely messaging is an important addition to any communication plan, as it creates an opportunity for engagement with the community.

On the 20th of April, also known as 420 a number associated with marijuana use marijuana users might observe a day of increased marijuana use. We have themed material that reminds drivers: If You Feel Different, You Drive Different and that it's dangerous and illegal to drive impaired. 


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Smoke | 1200x1200 | Animated Facebook | Instagram | X
Smoke | 1080x1920 | Animated Vertical Video

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Social Media

Sample social media posts are available for you to use on your various social media platforms, including Facebook, X and Instagram.

The social media playbook contains sample social media content and instructions on posting the above graphics to Facebook, X and Instagram. The content is designed for easy posting and seamless integration into your current social media strategy.

Also, additional sample social media posts are available for download. Images often help boost the engagement on social posts. Our image library, linked below in the Resource section, has a variety of images that you can associate with these sample social media posts.

Talking Points

We've prepared talking points related to 420 and drug-impaired driving. After downloading, we encourage you to add local stats and facts to the document.

Earned Media

We've produced a sample news release that can be used for media outreach.